Mission & Vision :

We at ‘Lakshya’ have a lakshya to bring about a change in all spheres of life. We aim to channelize the potential of the people who wish to dedicate themselves to the nation, society and culture. We will become the executors and motivators of the revolution of thoughts and attitude. We all dream to bridge the gap amongst us.

About The Idea : Lakshya

Today, we all are facing innumerable problems and challenges. We all lack, a meaningful communication/dialogue, respect for each other and above all we are not aware for our rights, duties, values and ideals. We all don’t have a goal, a ‘Lakshya’ amongst us. We all need to change our thinking, vision, and need to do something. Let us dedicate ourselves to the mankind, to this nation, our culture, environment, society and above all to ourselves and lastly to a ‘Lakshya’.

‘Lakshya’ could be a link amongst us and will work in altogether a unique way. ‘Lakshya’ should work to bring a revolution in the thinking and attitude. We wish to take ‘Lakshya’ to every corner of the nation. We wish to give ‘Lakshya’ so many dimensions that this should have relation with every aspect/color and part of this nation, society and mankind. If we will be able to execute this wish our lives will be meaningful. We wish to dedicate ourselves to the nation, society, culture and ideals. We wish to conserve ourselves and fix our participation in every activity that is related with the development of the nation, society and our culture. We invoke a revolution of thinking/thoughts and personal outlook.

Under the concept of ‘Lakshya’ a strong workforce will be established so that ‘Lakshya’ can become a sensible organization. Our youth, students, elderly and younger ones all will make a unique effort. ‘Lakshya’ should have a working style that will allow each of us to work in our own way, according to our own ideals and values, and will inspire us to work in our areas of interest. Overall a sense of co-operation at all levels will be developed. This is as of the fact that certain things specifically touch the heart and soul of a person, which may be different from others, and also, a person may have different priorities. Everyone may not get satisfaction and pleasure in working in a single area. Henceforth, we don’t wish to bind anyone in into a specific work field and subject. Everyone will make an honest effort on its own, in his capacity, in his work sphere and according to his/her thinking. Still we would like to make a binding for ‘Lakshya’ and its workers/members by a thought, that we would be honest, responsible and dedicated towards our own, towards the nation and society. We all should make an environment, in and around our work sphere that will become a standard of morality, work efficiency, and dedication. We all will set examples and ideals for others. The philosophy of ‘Lakshya’ should be so strong and precise, and we all should present it more strongly as well so that it can have its reach from the lowest step to the highest level. We will all make ourselves and people around us aware. The main issue is of co-operation and dedication. The conservation and execution of the thought and philosophy is very important. When we improve ourselves then our work sphere will improve, people associated with us will improve and learn from us. So many people will join a single member and so on.