Who we are :

We are a workgroup dedicated to the ‘Lakshya’.
We are a team, and comrades in this endeavor.

Founder Members

Dr. Dheeraj Mittal
Contact : +91-9818807099
Email : write2dmittal@gmail.com

   "We all have to understand our responsibilities and fulfill them. Why not we all live for a goal? Why not we separate ourselves form the queue of the one who are meant to be just users. We all have to think about our nation, society and culture. Why not we all fix our participation in the development of this nation, our society and culture? Today’s scenario needs a change and for that revolution of thinking and attitude is required. We all are the cause and solution to all the challenges we are facing today. It is very easy to count and point to the faults, but to make an effort to solve them and be counted for that is very difficult and is a matter of great appreciation. We all probably wait for someone/something that he/she will come or with time everything will be fine. But don’t you think that we have to initiate things from our own. For that we need to strengthen our thoughts, ideals, values and ethics. I believe that those who are corrupt, cheaters and who are not honest to themselves and to their work have any right to criticize the things. They all are weak in themselves and weaker are those who try justifying all these things. And to add on, we all are seeing and tolerating it like a helpless, speechless person. Is morality is becoming history these days. We all need to think about it, we need to talk to ourselves and most important is to make an effort."



Dr. Vinay Kumar Baranwal
Contact : +91-9717354913
Email : vinay.baranwal@gmail.com

   "I wish to make a work force/self working group/society, which will work for achieving the ‘Lakshya’ in a different way. Now the question rise that what is ‘Lakshya’. Whenever I assess myself on the terms of life I find myself and I should say others, running away from life. Questions rises deep in my conscience that what am I doing, and for what? Probably I have never done anything that can give solace to my soul. We all are living to die someday, why not we all die in a way, that every moment of life, every part of our life gives us a sense of satisfaction and achievement."



Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Yadav
Contact : +91-9555804035
Email : akhilesh.pmb@gmail.com

   "I wish to initiate this concept with my friends, and people who I know, so that the reach of ‘Lakshya’ will be in different areas and at different levels. There will so many colors and dimensions of ‘Lakshya’, and a group will come in shape and be counted for its contributions. This is an unending effort, a seed, which we all will sow and nurture. I don’t know whether this seed will become a huge tree or a small plant. I am hopeful and expecting your support and co-operation, and I also hope you all will be with me in this endeavor to accomplish ‘Lakshya’. Let live for others and for ‘Lakshya’."


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